Party time! Later this year the theme of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival will be the 30-year relationship between Valery Gergiev and Rotterdam.

At the age of 35, Valery Gergiev made his debut in Rotterdam in 1988. The concert was a triumph for both conductor and orchestra. When he appeared again in Rotterdam in the last week of November even more sparks flew. After the performance of the Shostakovich Fifth Symphony the audience burst into thunderous applause, wrote NRC Handelsblad. Now, 30 years later, the festival celebrates this unique bond between conductor and orchestra – a bond that is characterised by intense musicianship. The three concerts in the main auditorium show exactly what Gergiev excels in. You can see Gergiev as an opera conductor, as a conductor of major symphonic works and as a proponent of new Russian music.

In fact it’s a double jubilee, as the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra is now 100 years old. So an all-round programme is called for. We can now invite you to take a look at the programme and order your passe-partout ticket or rover ticket.


Single ticket sales for the festival start on 15 May.  

Passe-partout tickets and rover tickets can be ordered now.
You can purchase them from ticket sales.

And of course you can always take a look at the programme first.

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