Sleeping Beauty (4+)


Sun 16 september
Two possibilities
2.15 PM
(no intermission,
supporting programme 1:00PM)
Grote Zaal

4.00 PM 
(no intermission,
supporting programme 2:45PM)
Grote Zaal


Conductor Jonathon Heyward
Orchestra Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
Text Lotte van Dijck
Director Kiki Jaski
Animations  Camille Scherrer
Actress  Eline ten Camp
Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty (excerpts from the ballet music)


The bewitching ballet music of Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty, the orchestra, an actor and a graphic artist are the ingredients for an unforgettable symphonic fairy tale. Together they tell the famous story of the princess who is cursed by a wicked fairy: on her 16th birthday she will die when she pricks her finger on a spinning wheel. Fortunately, the good fairy is able to mitigate the curse; she will not die, but will sleep for 100 years, until a prince awakens her with a kiss.







along with an actor and graphic artist