Music and the Machine

Friday 15 September
Jurriaanse Zaal

ensemble        Moscow Contemporary Music

Mosolov          The Iron Foundry, electro-acoustic
Popov              Interferometer, for ensemble,
                         electronics, light and video
Rannev            Touch II for ensemble, interactive
                         audio and video
Khubeev          Luce, multimedia composition
Deshevov        Rails, electro-acoustic version
Chernyshkov   Rather, for two stepper motors, two
                          high-voltage relays and ensemble

The double-quick industrialisation of the new Soviet Union was a source of fascination for many avant-garde artists and a much-used propaganda image. Using Russian avant-garde music from today and the 1920s this one-off concert by the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble depicts the development of the machine, from large factory equipment to the smallest computer chip.